What's Your Masturbation Number?

Tamara Barnes

I have asked several people have they ever tried the masturbation challenge and to my surprise, a lot of them said "No"! Well what is the masturbation challenge I'm sure you are asking. When you have your "Me Time" see how long it takes you to reach your climax by coming down from 100.  I've tried it three times and some will be posted to my so you can see my number personally :-).  Go ahead and get in tune with your body and realize that every time is not the same.  You'll have those days I like to call them "Backed Up" where you come faster and harder than you can ever imagine.  Then you have those where you just need to "Get Your Rocks Off" and it comes trickling down but not so quickly. It is a known fact that self pleasure is the secret medicine to calm the nerves.  If you go check out my Instagram post on female hysteria, it will give you some insight on how a good Rise and Release can calm the mindset and get you ready for your day. Although, the great "Wake and Snake" is amazing you should always know your other alternatives and know your body baby!  You can't expect anyone to guide you to your climax if you don't know how to guide yourself.  So guide your mind and let me know what is your Masturbation number I'd love to know.

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